How to Save Money – Website Domains and Renewals

Save Money on Website Domains

New Website Domain Registrations

When you first turn your idea into a name, you should register it as a website domain.

It will look like www. [yourdomain] .com , .net, .org, .me etc. Right now, you are on the domain – the url is

Domain names are the root of all internet URLS, and help tremendously with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and also branding/memorability.

Save Money on Domain Registrations

New domain registrations is the holy grail of savings for registrars – companies like Godaddy, Namecheap, and 1 & 1 Internet (not recommended). Registrars, or companies sanctioned by ICANN to register and maintain ownership records for website domains often offer low prices on new domain registrations only.

They do this to get you to sign up for a minimal fee in hopes that you are lazy or forgetful to shop around for better prices when it comes time to renew. Like many other businesses that offer special deals for select products, they are betting that you will order other products and services now or in the future.

We recommend a couple of different registrars, which are competitive competitive enough in services for one or two domains. However, we’ve found Namecheap to have the best rates overall.

Domain Registration/Renewal Prices

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Website Domain Renewals

When you register your domain name, you do not own it forever. You never actually own your domain, more like “lease” it, but that is another subject for a different time.

When you register, you have to choose a period of time to register for, with one year being the smallest period of time. If you are like most people, you have to renew your domain names every year.

How to Save Money Off Domain Renewals

Unfortunately, domain registrars rarely offer deals for domain renewals. You typically have to transfer your domains to another registrar to get the low prices and discounts.

While transferring domains to different registrars can take time, you will save money, and those savings pile up when renewing a portfolio of of multiple web domains.

The process has actually gotten much easier recently, and you can save up to 90% off of domain renewals in less than an hour.

GoDaddy Raised Domain Renewal Prices in 2019, Again…

Transfer Domains to Save Money

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No matter who you are registered with, you can save money by switching registrars and transferring your domain to

a new company. Instead of paying $18 bucks per domain to renew, you could pay $9 through Namecheap, or 50%.

This savings can really add up if you renew a portfolio of domains via transfer all at once. There are stories of people and companies having hundreds of domain names to protect their brand and capitalize on SEO.

Transferring domains is pretty easy.

  1. PAY (click to get discount) for the Transfer to Your New Registrar
  2. Unlock domains and initiate transfer with current registrar.
  3. Enter verification code emailed to you from original registrar into new registrar for each domain transferred.
  4. Wait for Confirmation , and you are done. Congratulations – You saved money!

If you get stuck, most companies, including Namecheap will walk you through it via chat.

Domain Registrar Only

If you only want to transfer your domains but already have Namecheap, you can use iDotz

Happy Saving!


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