Live Streaming Guide – How to Live Stream Video

How to Live Stream Video/Audio

Live streaming video and audio broadcasts still aren’t as easy one might think. For most people, they will need to use a live streaming service provider.

This means that you will have to use your own equipment. We will show you what you need to live stream and how to get it done easily. With the popularity of work from home  growing, this is a skill any marketer can add to their playbook. Let’s get started!

Live Streaming Requirements

If you want a quality streaming video solution to replace a basic, low quality video conferencing software like Zoom, you will have to find the proper equipment and live streaming service provider.

Live Streaming Video Equipment Needs

In order to stream live video, you need to have the following equipment:

  • Camera (web cam, DSLR, phone camera, camcorder) with audio
  • Encoder (takes audio and video and formats properly in real time – on app, software, or hardware)
  • Computer (laptop, desktop, phone or tablet)
  • Reliable Internet Service with good upload speeds (wired or wireless)
  • Streaming Service (as described below)

Low End: Cell phone/tablet and app – Use an app like Periscope, Facebook live, Zoom Meeting

High End: Needs Camera(s), Encoder, Computer and Streaming Service, microphone for better audio

Rough Equipment Prices

  • 1080p HD Webcam ($50-120+ ea.) – Encoder ($250+)


Live Video Streaming Services

YouTube Streaming

  • Free to use – Embed to websites   – No Automation      – will show on your site and on Youtube link
  • Need 1000 subscribers to stream from mobile – no requirements for Desktop streaming


    • $149/month, monthly – can use their equipment or your own
  • automation included (pre-set start times)    – video backups


  • $75/month – no automation, would have to use controller
  • customizable and branded streams        – use your own equipment


  • $240/year for starter – has automation              – appears most robust/best value
  • $175/mo premium, billed yearly

Corona Virus Live Streaming Strategy

After reviewing your projects needs, the above streaming services and thinking about the current state of business, there is great indication that you should begin assembling a system for live streaming. You could  start with the minimums, and build from there (camera, computer, streaming service). With a web camera and computer, you can stream live on Youtube for free)

Some of the various streaming services have donation capabilities and chat. They can also add graphic overlays, and I’m hoping, automate those. Picture words of a prayer going on screen like a news broadcast. Powerful stuff.

– Streaming Service (free to $165/mo)


Comparison/Next Steps

StreamSpot seems to be the most robust and expensive live streaming solution.

I really like Vimeo, but we would have to commit and pay for one year upfront.

I would like to meet Rabbi Jeremy in person and also check out your Shul and property. Once we have a camera, we could do a live stream on Youtube just to test.

Please review and let’s discuss further.


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