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Small Business Marketing Services

New England Marketing & Efficiency provides the most cost effective marketing and consultation services to small businesses and corporations that work with small businesses.

Efficiency is Often the Best Solution

Our goal is to promote innovation and competition for the good of humanity. We do this through a network of independent artists, writers, client partnerships and in house talent to create opportunities that wouldn’t exist otherwise.

Optimized For All Involved

This creates an environment that is of maximum benefit for all stakeholders – from local communities to national economies. True efficiency.

For you and your project or business, new tools are made available, allowing you to compete with larger organizations more effectively.

So Let’s Get Started

To accomplish this, New England Marketing and Efficiency has a wide array of marketing and consulting services. We work hard and with purpose, the same values that formed our nation.

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    Business Efficiency Services

    Business Strategy Consulting

    Business Consulting

    Business Project Management

    Project Management

    Do you have a problem? New England Marketing & Efficiency has low cost, highly effective solutions. Let us help you.

    Gain Market Share

    • Small Business
    • Large Business
    • Independent Contractors

    Strategic Customer Aquisition

    Anyone can spend a hundred dollars to gain a fifty dollar customer. True skill affects how efficiently you can obtain and keep a customer. We can help grow your business or project sustainably by:

    • Reviewing current operations
    • Researching markets and your competition
    • Finding opportunities overlooked by others
    • Optimizing current content and marketing campaigns
    • Creating compelling content and systems to grow reach
    • Acquiring new customers and supporters
    • Maintaining existing business and partnerships
    • Continually build Fair Competition – It makes us all stronger.

    Research business plan

    Resources are limited. Organizations that use those resources best will have lower customer acquisition costs.This leaves more money to invest back into the project or collect as profits. How to Market Efficiently

    Often overlooked in increasing marketing returns is eliminating waste.

    This comes down to strategy, combining knowledge of the current marketplace, research of competitors and existing efforts and creativity to formulate new solutions and optimizations.

    We specialize in small and micro businesses and investments, startups and organizations that support local labor.

    New England Marketing and Efficiency is heavily involved in Environmental and Equality Issues.

    We can craft and implement highly effective marketing campaigns and business efficiency evaluations to help optimize your processes.

    To gain this competitive edge, we use various tactics such as content creation (blogs, video, podcasts, info graphics, sales copy, white papers), search engine optimization and many other forms of digital and traditional marketing, with some creative solutions as well.

    That’s easy – contact us for a no cost obligation. Together, we can see if we’re a fit with no obligation.

    If you decide to become a client, you will be provided with a written strategy action plan and cost of services customized to fit your organization’s needs.

    Overview of Services

    New England Marketing & Efficiency provides expert consulting and fulfillment of marketing and business efficiency functions for organizations in any industry.

    Our work helps people get their goals accomplished for less and with a higher rate of return. While our pricing is not the lowest, it is highly competitive and proven to get results.

    Contact us to get a quote on your project today.

    Online, Traditional and Creative Marketing

    We utilize all marketing disciplines to get our customers message out. Custom campaigns tailored to your objective and desired market.

    Website Production Services

    We can take your online project from start to finish. With websites packages starting at $495, we can also manage complex website projects with great advertising returns.

    Content Creation

    Content comes in many forms – written in the form of a blog or newsletter, audio and video media as a podcast or YouTube video, to interactive websites and print designed to get a response.

    Organic and Paid Placement

    Have your message heard through a variety of means, including search engine optimization, pay-per-click, display advertising, mail, fliers, press releases and media appearances.

    We can craft your marketing strategy and execute it to reach your target audience so you can focus on running your organization optimally.

    Content Writing

    We craft engaging written content, ranging from shareable blog posts to in-depth opinion and researched articles.

    Writing can include scripts, white papers and other information to be included in a project.

    Sales and Ad Copy

    If you have a product or service, the right words can increase the impact of your message.

    New England Marketing & Efficiency can help you get optimal conversion and increase the return on investment for your advertising dollar.

    Reports and Consulting

    Having intelligence collected and outside opinion can give a valuable advantage in any market.

    We can provide in-depth analysis and opportunities to help your business achieve the best results possible.

    Written Content

    Great written content creates a story; a narrative that leads the reader to do what you want them to do. It can explain complex concepts and ideas, products and services in a way that captivates it’s audience.

    Visual & Video Content

    The eyes are attracted to vivid imagery. Get attention with info graphics, memes, banners and brochures.

    We can created low cost, professional video content for you to market online or use as sales & training collateral.

    Audio Content

    Often overlooked, audio content is a great medium to reach new audiences and make a lasting impression. NE Marketing & Efficiency can help you with podcast production, creating catchy jingles and instrumentals, licensing and voice overs.

    Advertising Copy

    Ad copy starts out as written content, but can be combined with other media, becoming more compelling and generating a higher response.

    New England Marketing & Efficiency can create this content and find opportunities to get your voice heard in the most optimal manner.

    Efficiency Consultation & Design

    Resources are tight in any competitive market. To be successful, and possibly just to survive, businesses and organizations must be efficient.

    Complete Operations Review

    Sometimes it’s best to have an outside view to find the source of problems and devise creative solutions to everyday processes. We specialize in marketing, account maintenance and acquisition, sales, fulfillment and supply chain management.

    The Network Effect

    Having a network of small businesses and online assets is really what makes New England Marketing and Efficiency different from other agencies and firms.

    This leads to greater resources at lower prices for our customers.

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      Real Client Testimonials

      Great Value for Our website.

      They re-built our outdated website for a good price. Highly recommend.

      New England Marketing and Efficiency
      They re-built our outdated website for a good price. Highly recommend.

      Improved Our Website

      "They lowered our website bounce rate to less than 5% consistently and it has stayed that way for over a year. "

      PrixiePets Pet Care
      New England Marketing and Efficiency
      "They lowered our website bounce rate to less than 5% consistently and it has stayed that way for over a year. "

      Professional and Great to Work With

      Panel Masonry
      New England Marketing and Efficiency
      Robert was professional and great to work with. He was knowledgeable and proficient in all the areas of marketing that was necessary for my business.

      Great to Work With

      NE Marketing & Efficiency has helped me with many projects, from just starting out to optimizing existing websites. Highly recommended!

      New England Marketing and Efficiency
      NE Marketing & Efficiency has helped me with many projects, from just starting out to optimizing existing websites. Highly recommended!
      New England Marketing and Efficiency

      Small Business Dreams