Local, Small Business Marketing & Efficiency

Small business is the backbone of any economy. We provide effective, low cost marketing and efficiency services with New England values.

Hard work and ingenuity take precedent in any project we manage or campaign we craft.

Market Research and Efficiency Consulting


Competition is efficiency. Just like any great sports figure will tell you, practice makes perfect. Experimentation leads to innovation.

The only way to make progress is to actively curate the work done each day, taking care to analyze the successes and failures made and the impact on the goal at hand.

This can be hard to do in business. Your attention is pulled in numerous directions, from getting new customers to fulfilling orders.

New England Marketing and Efficiency is your ally in researching new opportunities, allowing you to capitalize on untapped profits and efficiencies that will increase your market share in a sustainable way.

Compare Company Growth

Inefficient Business

This is a business that is not optimized and spends a lot of cash.

Average Business

This is a business that is running profitably but has not gone through it’s marketing and business functions for efficiency.

Optimized Business

This is a business that has had it’s operations, customer acquisitions and fulfillment processes optimized.

Optimized businesses can start with less capital and operate more efficiently, resulting in higher growth.

  • Inefficient
  • Average
  • Optimized

Low Cost Marketing and Efficiency Services


We specialize in creating affordable, high return marketing campaigns and efficiency consulting.

We help businesses maximize the yield of their operations by reducing customer acquisition costs.

New England Marketing and Efficiency specializes in serving small business, startups and investors with website production, content creation and consulting.

Website Content Lite

Custom Content for Your Site
$200 per month

2 Articles, Search Engine Optimized
600-800 Words per piece of content
Social Media Support

Additional content packages available.

Low Cost Website Development

Complete Website Installation
$650 starting at

Basic Website Design Includes:

Complete WordPress Installation
Customized Theme
Contact Form
Email Creation

Additional Services Available at Discount

Quick Turn Content

Marketing Copy in Days
$100 Starting at

Written, Digital Content

Articles, Video Scripts, Sales Copy
Social Media Account Posts
Banners, Fliers and Brochures
SEO Pages, Posts and Accounts
Pay-per-click, Display and Search Marketing Campaign Setup & Optimization
Market and Competitive Research

Our Clients & Network Partners

About New England Marketing and Efficiency


We have over 20 years of experience providing expert marketing and efficiency consulting for small businesses and independent contractors.

We work with our partners to streamline project plans that don’t just deliver on product perfection, but also delivers on time – crucial to success in a highly competitive market where every action counts.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Resources are limited. Organizations that use those resources best will have lower customer acquisition costs.This leaves more money to invest back into the project or collect as profits.

Often overlooked in increasing marketing returns is eliminating waste.

This comes down to strategy, combining knowledge of the current marketplace, research of competitors and existing efforts and creativity to formulate new solutions and optimizations.

We specialize in small and micro businesses and investments, startups and organizations that support local labor.

New England Marketing and Efficiency is heavily involved in Environmental and Equality Issues.

We can craft and implement highly effective marketing campaigns and business efficiency evaluations to help optimize your processes.

To gain this competitive edge, we use various tactics such as content creation (blogs, video, podcasts, info graphics, sales copy, white papers), search engine optimization and many other forms of digital and traditional marketing, with some creative solutions as well.

That’s easy – contact us for a no cost consultation. Together, we can see if we’re a fit with no obligation.

If you decide to become a client, you will be provided with a written strategy action plan and cost of services customized to fit your organization’s needs.